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About Us

We are hiring the qualified people ONLY for industrial manuafacturers.
We are trying our best to improve the service quality so as to serve manufacturers better.

Our Recruiting System

IBTech Services Inc. is devoted in recruiting top qualified candidates in technical and industrial fields for the manufacturing industry only.


Our people are well educated and have vast experiences in different areas of the manufacturing industry

We also recruit our candidates through many other nationalities communities and job hunting clubs to make sure that we have a diversified candidate database.

Building strong network with these partners can ensure that we always have positive and enthusiastic job seekers that will meet your standards and beyond. We recruit people from within the GTA, giving employment opportunities to immigrants from all around world and provide HR services effectively and efficiently to our clients

IBTech Services Inc. keeps track of all the successful candidates that we have had throughout the years so that we can offer you the best of the best.


Potential candidates will be selected once the positions are available. The candidates are selected according to the qualifications and the expertise indicated in their resumes making sure that they meet the profile required by client.

First of all, we arrange an English screening test over the phone with each candidate calling in to make sure that each one meets our English standard. In addition, during the initial interview, we ask detailed questions regarding their background and experience in English to further identify their English skills and qualification to the positions.

Candidates who pass these two tests will be asked to bring the following documents:

- Certificate of studies, degree or diploma and special skills.

- A copy of resume and at least two references

- A criminal record is required when necessary

Successful candidates will be given a formal interview by one of our representatives.



Testing and Training                                             

We provide appropriate testing and training to the selected candidates. To assist with this, IBTECH Services INC. holds a written test about health and safety principals, dedicated to ensuring that our clients are provided with properly trained employees. We have set up a video room in which candidates could write tests and watch the WHIMS video.

Not only do we do that usual training for factory environments, but we also offer to accompany you with any other training that may be necessary before the employee(s) start. We know that safety is essential for factory work, so our training is focusing on proper usage and of chemicals and machinery.

Candidates will only be selected if they pass the tests and meet all the requirements of clients.

Our training process:

  • Each of our candidates will receive an IBTECH handbook.
  • We will offer an orientation list
  • Explain the duties of the workers. (It is their responsibility to abide by the rules and maintain their position)
  • Healthy and safety: such as HS rules at the workplace, HS reporting, HS right; HS refuse to work; toxic substance;
  • Emergency evacuation;
  • Lockout/tagout
  • Knowledge of WSIB
  • Tests: language testing; general tests


In addition to the in-house testing and training orientation, we also co-operate with some institutions which provide education and training programs. We recruit people who have succeeded in their study programs and offer them appropriate job positions.

We aim at continual improvement of worker qualification, worker safety and the satisfaction of our clients.  

After the testing and training, the best people will be sent to our clients and start to work.

Candidates are watching video about Safety in our video room.

Labor Relations

IBTECH SERVICES INC. also take on the responsibility for the HR management during the employment period. About one or two weeks later we ask for feedback from the employers, such as employee performance, attendance, working attitude and progress etc. If needed so, we will take action make the necessary changes, such as reassignment or retraining, according to the feedback.
We maintain communication with both employers and employees throughout the employment and get their feedback, such as satisfaction and evaluation of each other. This can improve our service for both our clients and candidates.


IBTECH SERVICES INC. also provides the following HR consulting services

  • recruitment
  • attendance management
  • job evaluation, restructuring
  • concerns related to the employment relationship,
  • activities and management planning

24 Hour Service

We bring a whole new meaning to 24 hour service. If you are a company that may not hire that often, but experiences peaks for needs of greater manpower or have unexpected absences we are able to provide you with a replacement for the amount of time needed within 24 hours. Don’t forget, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your assistance.

Pay Roll

We will provide you with a time sheet which will be filled out and expected to be sent to our office every Monday or Tuesday either by fax or they can be given to the employee for us to receive.


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